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The rules in this section apply to all games, unless noted otherwise in the game-specific rule sections.

Tournament Structure: All brackets will be double elimination. For most games on the event line-up, each individual tournament set will be best 2-out-of-3 games until Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals, which are best 3-out-of-5 games. Some games will run longer sets throughout the entire bracket, which will be noted in the game-specific rule sections.

Tournament Etiquette: Competitors are expected to check-in with their pool runners shortly before the starting time for that pool. You should not leave the tournament area without first asking permission from the bracket runner. You will be disqualified if you do not report to your matches in a timely manner. The winner of each match must report their victories to the bracket runner so that they can be recorded in the bracket.

Game Version: All multiplatform games will be ran on their US PS4 version and played with default game settings (timer, damage, handicap, etc.) unless noted otherwise. The latest game patches will be used. DLC characters will be permitted as long as they have been made available for at least one week prior to the event’s starting date.

Controller Legality: You must provide your own controller and/or converter for any game that you play. Brook converters are allowed. Cronus Max Plus and Titan One converters are banned. The legality of all specific controllers and converters will be left to the tournament organizer’s discretion.

Controller Desyncing for Playstation 4 Games: When you sit down for your match, it is YOUR responsibility to delete the old controller pairings from the previous matches, NOT the responsibility of the players who were previously on that station. THIS APPLIES TO ALL PLAYERS, NO MATTER WHAT TYPE OF CONTROLLER THAT YOU USE (stick, wired pad, wireless pad, etc). Make sure to delete all unused bluetooth devices from the system menu whenever you get ready to play a tournament match. If a non-competitor’s controller disrupts your match, then you or your opponent must delete that controller from the system, then continue playing as if there was no interference. If a disruption turns off the system entirely, then you must replay the game that was interrupted, using the same settings (characters, stage, etc) and maintaining the current game & set win count.

Control Configuration Options: All configurable button settings and macros via the in-game controller configuration menu (ex: 3-punches, one-button dash) are allowed. Hardware programmable input entry, rapid-fire, or other hardware assisted mechanisms are strictly forbidden.

Character Select:

Blind pick may be requested before a set begins in order to prevent counterpicking at the character select screen during the first game of a set. If blind pick is called, then both players must individually tell the bracket runner the characters, teams, etc. that they plan to use for that game. Those choices must then be selected at the character select screen.

Any player using “Random Select” to pick their character, must “Random Select” again if they win the match, provided that there is no way to pick a certain character in the random box.

If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds, the match will be random stage select.

The winner of each game must keep the same character/team/etc. for the next game of the set. The loser can change his/her selection for the next game.

There is a maximum of 60 seconds allowed between games in a set, and there is NO COACHING ALLOWED!

Rules During Gameplay:

Accidentally pausing the game at any time during the fight will force you to forfeit the current round. The only exceptions are in cases of “inevitable defeat,” such as pausing during a cinematic super attack that is guaranteed to KO the other character anyway.

Glitches that halt gameplay entirely (e.g. anything that causes the game to freeze/reset) and exploits that are only possible via hacking or modifying the game are banned. Other glitches will be judged at the tournament organizers’ discretion.

Ties: A draw does not count as a win for either player unless the game itself says otherwise (as in: the in-game win counter increases for one or both players). If no win is awarded to either player within the game itself, then there’s no change to the score, and the game must be replayed with the same settings (character, stage, etc).

Audio Equipment: Players may connect their own audio gear (such as headphones, mixamps, and/or external speakers) to the tournament stations so that they can more easily hear the in-game audio. However, any audio equipment that interferes with other tournament equipment or impedes the other player’s ability to hear the game audio (such as muting the monitor audio output) is not permitted. If both players wish to use their own audio gear but have no way to connect both of their equipment at the same time, then they must rock-paper-scissors for the privilege of using it in game 1 of the set, with the loser of each game having the option to use his or her equipment in the next game of the set.

Reporting Rule Violations: Rule violations must be reported to tournament staff at the time they occur. Otherwise, they might be ignored. If a player pauses the game to report a rule violation, and the tournament staff concludes that no such violation has occurred, then the player who paused will be penalized accordingly.

Collusion: Collusion of any kind with your competitors is considered cheating. If the Tournament Organizer determines that any competitor is colluding to manipulate the results or intentionally underperforming, the collaborating players may be immediately disqualified. This determination is to be made at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director. Anyone disqualified in this manner forfeits all rights to any titles or prizes they might have otherwise earned for that tournament.

To see rules for specific games, click here to go to the GAMES page.